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You would want to choose the best website monitoring service for your business website. The service must be trustworthy and offer a host of features that with very less downtime. If you do not choose the best monitoring service, then you will not get the best out of your business website. Even though the website monitoring service will cost you money, by making use of these services you can improve footfalls to your website and business. The following are the things to look out for when choosing a website monitoring service.

Website Monitoring

How many servers?

The first thing that helps you to separate the good and the bad website monitoring service is the number of servers that the service has. If the service provider has just one server, then you should never look to choose this service. The simple reason is that the service will not be able to monitor your website if there is a server breakdown or outage. If you are choosing the services that offer multiple servers, you should know where the servers are located. If the serves are close by to one another, then the information can be picked up by any other close by servers to the down server. But, choosing website monitoring services that have multiple servers in multiple locations is an ideal option. By opting for such a service, you do not need to worry about outages.

Wide array of notification options

The different website monitoring services will notify their clients of website downtime through various ways. What if your service notifies you about the website downtime through only email service and if your email server is down at that time? Well, you will not know about the downtime. This is why you should choose website monitoring services that offer a wide array of notification options like phone call support, email support, and SMS facility.

The frequency of website checking

The website monitoring services must carry out website checking at regular intervals. The best services will offer website monitoring once every 60 seconds to keep a close eye on the downtime and performance issues. There are even services that use advanced technology to check the client’s website once every few seconds. If you need assistance with this check out as they have a great software that will alert you of  this situation and help eliminate downtime.